Aromatics Recovery
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Reliable, high purity and efficient aromatics recovery to enhance profitability

The American Oil & Gas process is an effective separation method for the recovery of our latest efforts in adsorbent innovation introduced the ADS-37 and ADS-40 adsorbents, which offer the highest Parex capacity and lowest pressure drop available to date from our portfolio.

The Parex process, which facilitates efficient downstream para-xylene conversion to terephthalic acid and ultimately polyester fiber, films, and resin, offers:

  • More than 97 wt-% recovery from a single feed pass
  • Product purity of 99.9 wt-%
  • Reliability typically exceeding 350 operating days per year
  • Large single train designs that exceed 1000 KMTX PX capacity
  • Optimized unit designs that minimize capital costs and utilities consumption

Recover High Purity Benzene and Toluene

The Extractive Distillation (ED) process uses sulfolane solvent for the recovery of high purity benzene and toluene products from reformate splitter overhead. The process offers:

  • 99.9 wt-% purity benzene (ASTM Refined Benzene-545)
  • High purity toluene with less than 1000 wt-ppm non-aromatics.
  • Benzene and toluene recovery greater than 99.5%
  • Low solvent consumption
  • Maximum energy efficiency

Recover Meta-xylene