Green Diesel Production

A compatible & sustainable fuel option

American Oil & Gas leverages years of refining technology experience to make real alternative fuels from various bio-feed-stocks.

We commercialized the process to convert non-edible, second generation natural oils to Honeywell Green Diesel™, a drop-in diesel fuel for use in any percentage in your existing fuel tanks.

Because it’s chemically similar to traditional diesel, Honeywell Green Diesel can be used in today’s tanks, pipelines, trucks, pumps and automobiles without infrastructure changes.

The benefits of Honeywell Green Diesel include:

  • Lower emissions — up to 80% less compared to petroleum diesel
  • Indistinguishable from petroleum diesel
  • Requires no changes to fuel infrastructure or vehicle technology
  • Can be blended in any proportion
  • Stable, not oxygenated
  • Superior cold-flow properties — more suitable for very cold weather conditions
  • Higher energy content per volume compared to bio-diesel