Configuration Studies
поздравления с новорожденным

Evaluation and Recommendations of Refinery Configurations

Evaluate and configure your refinery’s shift to higher value products, naphtha or aromatics vs. gasoline production, new crude slate options or increased diesel production options.

API’s complex configuration studies use state-of-the-art LP modeling skills, proprietary process models, and quantitative risk and decision-analysis techniques to develop configuration plans that enable you to maximize profitability while minimizing investment risk. API’s knowledge and experience regarding hydrocarbon processing options guarantee that our solutions are optimized from every important aspect including economic return, operability, and the flexibility to deal with future changes in your facility’s feed or product slate.

Our refinery configuration studies will help you develop optimal solutions to such complex issues as bottom-of-barrel upgrading, refinery/petrochemical integration, clean fuels production, facility expansions, grassroots complex planning, and gas processing complex planning.