Mercury Removal
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Regenerable and non-regenerable options for efficient mercury removal

American Oil & Gas offers regenerable molecular sieve adsorbents and non-regenerable metal oxide adsorbents to remove mercury from natural gas, LPG and other light hydrocarbon streams.

Our adsorbents are silver loaded molecular sieves specifically formulated to remove mercury. The adsorbent can be loaded into an existing molecular sieve dehydration unit to simultaneously remove mercury, water and other impurities. We adsorbents are regenerated with a clean gas stream. 

We adsorbents can be used for final removal of mercury from the regeneration gas of a dehydrator using. This has the advantage of using a smaller vessel while treating a more concentrated mercury stream. 

Alternately, We adsorbents can be located upstream of all other gas treating processes to permanently remove mercury and prevent contamination of downstream process piping and equipment.

American Oil & Gas  is your single-source supplier for guaranteed mercury removal. We offer a product sale into your dehydration system or full equipment packages for use with our non-regenerated adsorbents.