Unconventional Gas
поздравления с новорожденным

Unconventional Gas Treating with proven modular equipment

Smaller, lighter, modular design can lower your capital and energy costs.

American Oil & Gas running with faster delivery and lower installation costs. Our customers also see shorter, easier start-ups and shutdowns and most report downtime at less than 0.5 percent per year. We are ideal for remote locations where transportation logistics are challenging and they require minimal operator intervention.

Because most shale gases are lean in heavy hydrocarbons compared to oil-associated gas streams, the feed gas pretreatment requirement for a membrane system is minimal and contamination issues are greatly reduced. Operators have achieved very long membrane life in shale gas applications . With the Twister Supersonic Gas Separation technology, gas liquids recovery can be improved as much as 20% over conventional gas chilling applications. For situations where staged production implementation or incremental liquids recovery is economically attractive, the Twister solution is an excellent strategy to improve overall project profitability.

We show you how modular membrane systems and  Gas Separation units can help you achieve your shale gas processing needs with greater profitability compared to amines and conventional gas liquids recovery equipment.