Tactical Solutions

Operations-focused assessment for short-to-intermediate term improvements

The refining and petrochemical industries are more global, competitive and complex than before and sometimes quick solutions are needed to meet changing demands or regulations. Our Tactical Technology-Integrated Profitability Solutions (TIPS) provide an operations-focused assessment of your refinery’s existing assets to make short-to-intermediate term improvements. You develop the knowledge to quickly streamline processes, improve throughput and improve profitability with little to no up front investment.

Optimize Your Hydrogen Network

American Oil & Gas has successfully led hydrogen management projects in the years. Our proven, four-step Hydrogen Management Services begin with a thorough analysis of your refinery’s hydrogen balance to determine minimum requirements and to identify areas for improvement.

Save on Energy Costs & Reduce Emissions

There are multiple opportunities for energy savings and emissions reduction across your operation. With our experience and advanced process technology, We Process Solutions Energy and CO2 Management Solutions can help your capture hidden savings by optimizing your operation’s energy efficiency.

Benchmark and Improve Your Process Units

American Oil & Gas uses proprietary tools to compare the critical processes of your operation to industry benchmarks and determine areas for improvement such as: throughput, yields, operational practices, process technology implementation and catalyst loadings.