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Delays & Conflicts

API’s leadership role continues through the basic engineering design work with interfacing management.

Project Meetings

API will coordinate all the process unit engineering kick-off and design review meetings. This avoids delays and conflicts, and minimizes the amount of time required by key refinery staff. This includes attending the meetings for the non-API design units including the CDU/VDU, Delayed Coker, H2 Plant, Sulfur Plant, Amine and Sour Water Units, and Utility Systems to ensure the overall refinery is optimized and consistent.

The interfacing management of all battery limit cross-ties between API and non-API units, including oversight of the alternate routing plan, and design basis on-going consistency and communication with the non-API licensed unit designers is part of the API Managing Licensor role.

Feed Contractor interfacing

API will attend the kick-off meeting with the selected FEED contractor to clarify scope of work issues, deliverables and schedule to provide a smooth integration of the API managed work and the FEED contractor work. This includes coordinating with the FEED Contractor to procure long lead critical equipment.