Acid Gas Removal
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Integrated solutions for your entire gas processing plant

Reliable Acid Gas Removal Technology Solutions

Remove CO2, H2S and other sulfur components from your feed gas stream with the Amine Guard

FS process technology. It combines Dow high performance  family of solvents.  The process can be tailored for either bulk, selective or trace acid gas removal for CO2 and H2S. It is typically used to treat natural gas streams for pipeline, NGL or LNG applications or synthesis gas streams in ammonia plants.

Advanced Adsorbents

Our adsorbents are used in both gas and liquid service. Union Carbide scientists invented molecular sieves over few years ago and today Our scientists continue in their footsteps, creating new and better sieves for a wide variety of gas processing applications. We remains the leading supplier of dehydration adsorbents upstream of liquefaction.

Despite removal of acid gas to low level upstream of NGL and LNG liquefaction, some CO2 and H2S can end up in the fractionated ethane, propane and butane streams. API GB-417 and GB-420 adsorbents are used to remove small concentrations of acidic compounds from liquefied gases to meet copper strip quality tests.