Design Basis Optimization
поздравления с новорожденным

Optimize for Project & Cost Efficiency

Following initial configuration and feasibility studies, American Oil & Gas will complete Design Basis Optimization studies to further optimize multi-unit aspects of the complex, establishing firm and optimized design bases for individual units.

Key benefits include:

  • Optimized refinery economics consistent with flexibility/economic scenarios
  • Achieve finished product specifications, including any seasonal variations, at lowest capital and operating cost.
  • Basic engineering design for all process units can begin simultaneously.
  • Costly “Recycle” of design work later in the project, to consider optimization, and then make associated changes, is avoided.

The Design Basis Optimization studies focus on:

  • Cut point optimization
  • Optimization of intermediate stream routing
  • Product blending analysis and optimization
  • Major equipment minimization
  • Preliminary optimization of the refinery hydrogen system

Output of this work is the final design basis parameters for the individual process units, allowing rapid execution of process and project design work for all process units, in parallel and without recycle.