Plant Operations
поздравления с новорожденным

Maintain safety and reliability while increasing profitability

American Oil & Gas Plant Operations Support keeps your process units operating profitably, reliably and safely. Our experts complete the transfer of our technology, support your start-up activities and provide troubleshooting expertise and technical backup.

  • Process Technology Analysis & Support to review your operations for optimal process and catalyst performance. Our Technology Services is composed of highly skilled engineers and scientists who have both depth and breadth of knowledge in the refining and petrochemicals industry. Our experts combine deep knowledge of specific process technologies with expert general knowledge of the overall refining industry and the interactions between different technologies within the facility.
  • Analytical Support for on-site or remote analysis of your processes for optimal performance.
  • Operations Monitoring through the system for remote, real-time collaboration with our technical specialists to maximize on-stream performance and profitability. Installed process units worldwide, the system provides standardized data across units or facilities, allowing your staff and/or we experts online secure visibility into your plant to improve unit performance.