Distillate Hydrotreating
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Produce High-Quality Distillate Range Product

American Oil & Gas is the world leading provider of distillate hydro-treating technology with more than 300 units licensed.

The American Oil & Gas process improves the quality of distillate boiling range feed-stocks— kerosene, jet fuel, and diesel oils — to meet stringent fuel regulations.

American Oil & Gas entered into an alliance with companies to offer the most complete portfolio of hydro-treating solutions possible. The alliance combines the strengths of AOG, a leading developer of hydro-treating and hydro-cracking process technology and hydro-cracking catalysts  a leading developer and supplier of innovative refinery hydro-treating catalysts and technologies, to provide you with the broadest portfolio available of hydro-processing solutions.

The advanced catalysts are used in conjunction with carefully selected processing conditions to achieve your sulfur and cetane requirements and desired improvements in product properties such as jet fuel smoke point, stability, color, odor and aromatics content. Adding hydrogen to the feed while removing sulfur also enables higher yields.

The product can be blended directly into fuel and can also facilitate the blending of other streams, depending on your processing objectives.

The configuration and specific catalyst choice depend on your desired product quality improvement and on the existing refinery configuration. we can use a single-stage configuration with most base-metal catalyst applications, or a two-stage scheme to achieve the highest cetane and lowest aromatic content diesel using a noble-metal catalyst in the second stage. The two-stage process is integrated to minimize capital and operating costs without reducing on-stream efficiency and reliability.