American Oil & Gas Establishment came into existence in United State of America, when the then Ruler of American. We ranted Continental National Oil Company a concession covering the offshore area of the American to begin exploring for oil.

These efforts resulted in the discovery of oil. The discovery of the American Oil & Gas Establishment with the company's first horizontal well drilled, allowing a greater section of the producing reservoir to be accessed. Despite encountering some difficulties, the well was completed and the experiences lead to horizontal drilling to become a standard practice on many platforms. 

American Oil & Gas Establishment's key focus is to continue implementing the latest in technological solutions to maintain its existing resources as well as exploring for future oil and gas opportunities both on and offshore. People and Technology are our strength and harnessing these two elements is what we believe will further our company's success for many years to come.

We need the best and brightest in the industry to join us – skilled and seasoned industry professionals who can grasp the challenge of creating and executing fast-track investment plans in a high-energy environment, team workers who want to make change happen.