Natural Gas Liquids Recovery

The most efficient NGL recovery technology in the world:

If you’re in need of an optimized, integrated plant design, Our’s alliance with Ortloff offers a superior combination of expertise and experience. Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. is a leading engineering and consulting company with a portfolio of proprietary process technologies, know-how, and patents in the natural gas liquids (NGL and LPG) recovery and compact gas plant industry. Ortloff’s technologies are designed to increase yields of high value components from the natural gas stream while reducing power requirements. Ortloff’s proprietary technologies have been utilized world-wide. When combined with AOG’s offerings, it’s an unbeatable combination.

Recover Propane & Heavier Hydrocarbons: Ortloff’s Single Column Overhead Recycle (SCORE) process is state-of-the-art gas processing technology suited to the recovery of propane and heavier hydrocarbons from a natural gas stream. The SCORE process is one of many Ortloff technologies capable of extremely high propane recovery with high efficiency (reduced power).

Ethane or Propane Recovery: Ortloff’s Recycle Split Vapor (RSV) process is an enhancement of Ortloff’s original Gas Subcooled Process (GSP) technology. The RSV technology is extremely flexible, and can operate as either an ethane recovery or a propane recovery mode. This flexibility allows an operator to maximize plant profits based on ethane economics. In addition, an RSV plant can operate at flow rates significantly different than design.

Sulfur Recovery: Ortloff sulfur recovery systems operate for longer periods of time between shutdowns, with reduced maintenance cost, and more operating ease and flexibility. Ortloff offers Claus sulfur recovery processes based on the Amoco process for both natural gas and refinery applications. Amoco’s patented and proprietary ammonia destruction technology is combined with the know-how Ortloff has developed from the design and operation of these plants. Amoco’s technology has been licensed for use in more than 400 plants worldwide. This best-in-class technology can achieve overall sulfur recovery in excess of 99.9 percent.