Strategic Solutions

Long-term solutions for optimal configuration and output

The refining industry continues to evolve, resulting in constant change in the desired product mix and specifications, and crude availability and characteristics. There has also been pressure to improve efficiency and operate more cleanly. To ensure optimal configuration and output from your plant. Our Strategic Technology-Integrated Profitability Solutions (TIPS) apply our understanding of refinery operations to help you develop long-term solutions and a vision for the future.

Enhance Your Configuration

American Oil & Gas’s configuration studies allow you to evaluate and configure your refinery’s shift to higher value products, new crude slate options, increased diesel production and more.

Our configuration studies use state-of-the-art Linear Program (LP) modeling skills, proprietary process models, and quantitative risk and decision-analysis techniques to develop configuration plans that enable you to maximize profitability while minimizing investment risk.

We can help analyze and improve your existing LP to obtain optimum predictions of unit capabilities and effectively evaluate processing options and conditions. Our process is well-proven, studies successfully completed over the past decade.

Whatever the scope, our studies explore a range of possible options to determine the best fit for your business objectives, existing equipment and environment.

Engineering Scoping

American Oil & Gas has unparalleled experience analyzing existing operating units and creating options for revamps with the objective of “sweating” the operational assets.

We do this by engaging our process and equipment experts in studies of varying complexities, consistent with your business goals. Our engineering and technical services experts will outline an array of our engineering study options for you to determine those most appropriate for your refinery.