Maximizing Aromatics
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Maximize conversion of aromatic by-products to para-xylene and benzene

In an aromatics complex two key technologies, Isomar process and Tatoray process, convert lower value aromatic by-products to higher value products – benzene and para-xylene. Minimum ring loss and the ability to process heavy aromatic feed components result in lowest naphtha feedstock consumption and lowest cost of production.

Aromatics Conversion

Your desired ratio of net para-xylene to benzene production will dictate your catalyst selection.

The Isomar process and our state-of-the-art catalysts offer you a distinct advantage:

  • High aromatic ring retention minimizes feedstock and hydrogen consumption to reduce your overall cost of production
  • High catalyst activity reduces reactor and catalyst costs
  • Proven, rugged catalysts resist upsets and provide long catalyst life to minimize your downtime and costs