Hydrogen purification technologies for petrochemical plants and refineries from a single provider

In gasification applications, American Oil & Gas combines upstream contaminant removal using our process with downstream hydrogen adjustment to produce whatever level of hydrogen purity is required for your project.

Many conversion processes need pure hydrogen. We have more than one solution. Using our technologies, syngas composition can be adjusted to produce a range of hydrogen purity.

American Oil & Gas offersPressure Swing Adsorption membrane systems to deliver the hydrogen you need.

Working with a single technology provider to design and specify the entire gas purification block eliminates hand off of documents, clarifications between technology providers and shortens the project schedule.

At start-up, you have a single provider of commissioning services across several technologies, ensuring a smooth transition to steady state operation. A one-stop-shop for engineering, guarantees and service also means your project comes in on schedule and within budget.