Naphtha Isomerization

Industry leading solutions for efficient upgrading & benzene removal

We offer two Isomerization options to meet your needs. The American Oil & Gas  process  are fixed-bed processes that improve the octane of streams by isomerizing normal components to branched components using AOG’s high-activity catalysts. The reaction conditions promote isomerization and minimize hydro-cracking.

AOG  process services may include:

  • Engineering services
  • Technical and marketing services
  • Design services
  • Construction services
  • Start-up services

Meet Benzene Specifications

To help you meet benzene specifications, we also offer the American Oil & gas process. The process provides a cost effective means for removing benzene and can be applied in a variety of configurations ranging from light straight-run naphtha to reformate streams. Benzene removal is accomplished through saturation to cyclohexane. When treating straight-run naphtha, the process can be integrated with light naphtha isomerization.