Equipment Supply

Skid mounted and modular equipment reduce costs, minimize schedules and increase quality

American Oil & Gas has an unmatched record of on-time delivery of high quality Polybed PSA and Polysep Membrane Systems. On-time. On-spec. No excuses.

  • Our Membrane Systems are provided as skid mounted and modular equipment. We  do the detailed design and project management for the construction of each  Membrane System.
  • Fabrication is carried out by a select group of rigorously qualified sub-vendors, and  unit valves must pass a rigorous series of lab and field tests prior to commercial use.
  • The Membrane Systems fabricators are selected only after passing a carefully monitored our qualification process. Our suppliers receive regular audits to monitor their quality systems and results.
  • We conducts a thorough inspection of the  Membrane systems during all phases of fabrication. Inspectors are trained to assure compliance with American Oil & Gas requirements that exceed code.
  • The high operating reliability of our Membrane Systems is ensured by the rigorous application of our quality management process during project execution, the use of proven hardware components, and a continuous design and operating experience feedback system.
  • Our services provide you with the pre-commissioning, commissioning, debottlenecking, troubleshooting, upgrades, revamps and optimization services for flawless start-up, smooth operation and optimal performance.